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At Creative Angels Daycare we provide a structured yet flexible and varied program to .meet the needs of each individual child


Learn Through Play

At Creative Angels Daycare we belief that children learn through play and that play allows a child to explore and discover their world.


We are gain a second location September 3rd. We will now be able to look after children 5-12 years old. As well as being open for spring breaks, PD days, and summer.

About Us

Creative Angels Daycare will provide an atmosphere of appreciation for the difference in people by PROMOTING a healthy social interaction between the children and between the children and staff, by encouraging expression of feelings and sense of responsibility toward the well-being of others. Our aim is to provide a warm, friendly and loving environment for each child, in his/her own unique personality.

Come Visit Us

We are always happy to show you around before hand. New place can be scary for the parent and child. We would like the opprotunity to meet you in person so you can get to know us, and we can get to know you!

Infant & Toddlers Room.

In this group we work on labelling objects, developing language, social development, and physical development. The toys provided in this room are age appropriate for the children. This is just a basic routine each staff member will have to adapt the routine for the age group that they are working with and account for bathroom time, diaper changes, washing of hands, etc.

Preschool Room.

30 month – School Age

The program in the preschool room is more structured and includes kindergarten prep. There are facilitated table activities and center activities. The development of social skills, fine motor, and cognitive development is a key focus in this group

School Aged Group.

This program is offered before school and after school and when school is closed. The school age room promotes the individual development of each children, social skills, problem solving, fine and gross motor skills along with cognitive development.

  • Mondays – Free play and centers

  • Tuesdays- Outdoor

  • Wednesdays – Construction Day

  • Thursday- Board games and puzzles

  • Friday – Centers and outdoor

Art by the Children!

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Our Staff

Staff at Creative Angels Daycare has specific training that allows them to work closely with young children. Staff members have completed education in Early Childhood Development and have RCMP clearance checks and First Aid training. These are keys components that allow Creative Angels Daycare to provide a safe, secure, and loving environment for the children.


What Our Families are Saying

My son has been going here since he was 9 months old, he loves it everyday. hes now 2 years old and I wouldn’t trust anyother daycare with him.

Great child care. A ton of fine and gross motor skills, outside play and so much more.

Infant Toddler Play Area

We have a brand new play area for our children under 36 months. This area is full of shade soft green grass.

School Age Play Area

Our school ages play area is fenced off and full of toys and equipment. Children play outside while under supervision.

Good to Know’s..

Privacy Policy

It is the policy of Creative Angels Daycare that any information or records regarding your family and child will be kept confidential. The only release of information or records would be for a legal matter that is requested or required by law.

It is also appreciated that any information you become aware of regarding other families at Creative Angels Daycare be kept confidential. The staffs at Creative Angels Daycare has all signed a contract stating the confidentiality policy and understand that failure to follow the confidentiality policy would result in termination of employment. We respect the privacy of all the families that we work with.

Creative Angels Daycare has a Facebook page this exists as a tool for parents to be involved in the day to day activities and to inform community members of possible space availability in the center. This is not for sharing, please respect the privacy of other clients and their children. (Photos are not too be shared to personal accounts on Facebook)

In the Event of an Emergency Closure

In the event that an emergency causes the daycare to close, all parents will be contacted to pick up their children. The daycare facility will remain open until all children have been safely picked up from the facility. Such emergencies that would substitute for the closure of the facility would be the following:

  • Power Outage lasting more than 3 hours
  • Earthquake were the stability of the building has been compromised
  • Flooding: whether it is a busted pipe in the building or mother nature causing the flooding
Drop off & Pick up Policy

Parents are required to indicate the name and phone number of all authorized individuals who are clear to pick up the child (ren). All parents and/or authorized individuals are to sign-in and sign-out on the provided sheet, each day the child is dropped off and picked up from the daycare. Only persons designated to pick up a child (ren) will be allowed to do so. If a person attends the facility while intoxicated or showing signs of being on an illicit drugs then we will request a different person to attend to pick up child(ren).

Lunch Policy

reative Angels Daycare offers a lunch program; parents are responsible to notify the daycare facility of any food allergies so the menu can be adapted to accommodate. The healthy food guide is referenced to ensure proper serving portions and food groups are being followed. A weekly menu is posted on all the parent boards.

Admission Inquiry